Q: What's better, English pub grub or a bangin' Aussie BBQ?

A: Aussie BBQ!! Pffft, bite your tongue asking me such a question.

Q. When did you last throw up and what had you eaten just beforehand?

A. Uuhhhh the other day at dinner aaanndd possibly too much wine or delish Italian food either/or could've been the problem.

Q. When flying internationally what do you most look forward to on the in-flight meal?

A. Dessert always. But if you give me something chocolate orange flavoured I might be sick.

amanda ware model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

Q. Have you learnt to make a classic Yorkshire pudding yet?

A. I did receive a cheeky recipe but as of yet.. no! So shameful it's been 5 years since moving to the UK...5!?! Sacrilege that I've not made them!!

Q. What's the first food you think of when I say 'moist'?

Q. Watermelon......mmmm watermelon.

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