Q. What's your favourite thing to dip in melted chocolate?

A. A soup spoon! Or strawberries.

Q. Whose food do you prefer, your dads or your boyfriends? (Chloe's boyfriend is Jordan from @transformhealth )

A. That's a hard one! They're both massive foodies. Dad is Chinese and makes beautiful traditional dishes. I'm regularly calling home and getting recipes from him but Jordan is also a great cook and we improvise meals together depending on the produce we're craving... He makes a mean lobster bisque!

Q. Where is your foodie hidden gem in Sydney?

A. The Lasagne at Fratelli Paradiso.

Q. When did you experience your last food-gasm and what was it you ate?

A. I was at a job a couple of months ago and ordered an almond chai latte on set (very model of me). It was from Blackstar and I've driven to Alexandria twice since just for a cup of it!

chloe moo model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

Q. What would you use to cover your lovely bits if modelling nude with food?

A. Probably sushi (inspired by Samantha's Valentine's Day scene from sex and the city)

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