Q. If you could lick body chocolate off anyone who would it be and what body part?

A. All the parts of Jessica Chastain, her smile makes me melt.

Q. What's the strangest/weirdest food you've ever eaten during your travels around the world?

A. The most interesting thing I've eaten was right here in Australia. Emu egg omelette. The strangest part was that it tasted exactly like chicken egg.

Q. What would impress you the most. A woman who can bench press more than you or eat you under the table?

A. If I'm honest, seeing women sweat and work out really turns me on. But I love a woman that has a healthy appetite. It says a lot about someone that enjoys the feeling of a full tummy.

Q. What's your signature 'morning after the night before' breakfast? (if you know what I mean....)

chris noffke model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

A. After struggling my way out from beneath the sheets, I find the best way to refuel (if you know what I mean) is strong black coffee and poached eggs on toast with avocado and goats cheese. Top that with olive oil and tomato sauce. Yep, tomato sauce ahaha.

Q. Who would you most like to stick your needle into?.....Acupuncture needle that is.

A. Ahaha you had me there for a second. I would give up my favourite food, dark chocolate, to find a good spot on Brooklyn Decker. Her body is a wonderland.

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