Q. What is your most embarrassing fashion faux pas to date?

A. Oh anything that happened prior to 2009. Lol

Q. What's more off putting, a guy with absolutely zero fashion sense, a guy who eats McDonald's and only McDonald's or a guy who smokes?

A. The guy who only eats McDonald's.

Q. What's the most extreme or unusual diet you've ever embarked upon?

A. I guess back in the beginning of my career when I did shows and everyone just didn't eat. So stupid. Just a big group of angry, hungry, and weak teens.

Q. Being a Victoria Secret model must have been a career highlight. Tell us what your biggest career low point has been?

elyse taylor model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

A. I think everyone has highs and lows throughout their career. Modeling is difficult because it's not something you can control. There are so many other factors involved whether it's clients, trends, agents and politics. I feel i have always been incredibly lucky and I'm so grateful for having the career I've had, especially though some quite difficult personal times.

Q. What were some of your strangest pregnancy food cravings?

A. I was completely obsessed with nesquik chocolate milk. All day every day. Lilas father would try and buy me organic versions and try to trick me but I knew.

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