Q: What excites you more, a food baby or an actual baby?

A: Definitely a food baby! I live to eat!

Q: When was your last trip overseas and what food wowed you?

A: My last holiday was to Italy. Eating fresh spaghetti vongole (clams) on a tiny Island called Ponza was incredible.

Q: What’s the first food you think of that begins with the letter E?

A: Easter Eggs (Chocolate Lindt Bunnies are my fav).

Q: What was dished up at your recent wedding to hubby Dan?

A: I’m all about family-style eating, so we had big share plates of food across the whole table: whole baked fish, chicken, and lots of salad and vegetables. Food brings people together and that’s what we wanted to achieve!

ksenija lukich model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

Q: Who would you most like to have a naked dinner date with: Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White, or Gordon Ramsey?

A: I love Gordon Ramsey’s food, so maybe naked dinner with him would be best. We could exchange most creative profanities. I’m sure he would win!

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