Q. You designed a t-shirt for your clothing brand, @roserthelabel which read "Food comes first". What comes second and third?

A. Family and then dessert!

Q. Would you rather be food deprived, sleep deprived or sun deprived?

A. Oh this is my worst nightmare. I'd rather be sleep deprived. The other two are more crucial. Just.

Q. You travel frequently between LA and Sydney. Which restaurants are your first port of call when visiting either city?

A. In Sydney I love Ruby's cafe in waverly! It's my go to cafe for lunch or breakfast. I also love Apollo in Potts Point and China Diner in Bondi!

natalie roser model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

As for LA I'm a huge fan of Backyard Bowls any time of day and love Pacè for dinner.

Q. You've had a really shit day. What do you eat to put a smile on your face?

A. I recently just rediscovered Milo cereal... having that again really put me in a happy place.

Q. If you could design a Natalie Roser smoothie special what would it be?

A. Mango, banana, honey, extra honey, almond milk, topped with chia seeds. Yum!

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