Q: Who would you marry, snog or slap out of (Masterchef's) Matt, Gary and George?

A: Haha….oh man. I guess marry Matt because he is probably the most knowledgeable, funny, intelligent foodie I know. I’d snog George because, well he’s the youngest…and slap Gary because he eliminated me from MasterChef haha!

Q: What are your top three favourite Indian curries to eat?

A: My three favourite dishes are my healthy butter chicken recipe, which is authentic believe it or not. The secret is cashews–check it out in my cookbook “The Healthy Model Cookbook” for the recipe.

Secondly, I’m currently obsessed with street food and my fave is a Frankie, which is basically a chicken tikka roll, (indian style souvlaki) and thirdly a dessert – Mango Kulfi, which is a super healthy, no churn mango and cardamom flavoured paddle pop!

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Q: A really rude, disrespectful customer dines at your Indian restaurant. Do you A) spit in their coffee, B) sneeze on their food, or C) charge them 3x the amount?

A: Sometimes I imagine doing one of the above but customer service is our most important trait at my restaurant, Antares, and I honestly won’t let the customer leave the restaurant until I’ve made them enjoy the place. I’ve trained my staff to do whatever it takes to turn the situation around.

Q: Indian dishes are always a combination of sweet, sour, salt, and spice. What four non-negotiable traits do you look for in a man?

A: Intelligent, great sense of humour, loves to travel, and values family.

Q: You’ve just launched your own tableware collection, @sarahtoddliving What is your go-to, never fail, show-stopping dinner party dish?

A: That’s tough! I experiment every time I cook so I very rarely cook the same dishes but I guess one that I keep pulling out would have to be my beef stroganoff, served with a cauliflower mash, pickled cornichons and pickled julienne beetroot.

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