Q: Whose belly button would you happily eat a grape out of?

A: Joe Manganiello - because who wouldn't?!

Q: What's the strangest food stuff you've dropped down your cleavage?

A: Hmmmm.. I’m not too sure about strange but if I’ve been eating popcorn it’s almost guaranteed that some will fall out when I take my bra off later.

Q: What should a man cook to seduce you?

A: Pasta. My fav thing ever.

Q. Whats's better, Hungry Jacks or In-n-Out?

A: In n Out for sure.

Q: When was your most embarrassing dinner date?

simone holtznagel model appetite 5MI5M.jpg

A: Unfortunately I’ve experienced a few of these but this one was the ultimate…and name drop alert but IDGAF.

A guy took me to a very VERY fancy Passover on the Upper East side. It was like a scene from Gossip Girl. I thought we were just going to dinner so my very tight, plunging bodysuit underneath my amazing high-waisted palazzo pants probably wasn’t the most appropriate outfit choice. This was also the same night I found out that tonic water isn’t kosher, so it was gin and soda for me.

Anyway, just before we go to sit down, I’m standing with the guy who invited me just chatting to Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. We realise everyone’s gone to sit down for dinner. As we go to walk into the dining room, the heel of my stiletto got caught in the hem of my pants. I trip, badly, Catherine Zeta Jones grabs me before I trip again, and in the process I throw my entire drink over the man that I was there with. Needless to say, it was literally the most embarrassing moment of my life. And on top of that, my heel ripped the hem of my pants real bad.

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