I've been modelling for over 14 years so it should be no surprise that I've done my fair share of unusual gigs. For example, dressed in a black, lace body suit wearing a bleach blonde wig and painted in florescent pink body paint. Or how about dressing up in what looked to be a nurses outfit before using a hose to turn a man into a giant sweet for an Italian TV commercial. I've also shot plenty of lingerie, plenty of swimwear and even shot topless on the rare occasion.

But this shoot was by far the most unusual and easily the most beautiful. Shooting fully nude among multicoloured flames for Lumira Candles. This really was the ultimate fusion of science and art.

Step one:  Colour the flame.

Georges recently taught himself how to change the colour of fire. No he is not Jesus reincarnated he is just really, really smart. By burning chemicals he can alter the colour of the flame. For example, if you burn copper sulphate the flame turns green. And if you burn lithium chloride the flame turns pink. Cool right? 

Georges and his boys set up a mini studio on a plinth to film the burning chemicals. Using a large black backdrop and encasing the fire in a make shift box Georges was able to create the intensity of light he needed to film. The chemicals were poured into a little glass bowl, dowsed in alcohol and set alight, then we sat back to watch the magic happen.

He shot the flames at 100 frames per second so the fire looked as though it were burning in slow motion, it was incredibly mesmorising.  Once we had gone through all the chemicals and had a selection of different colours and patterns it was time to transfer the footage into Georges laptop to then be projected over my naked body. 

Step two: Colour the model.


Director: Georges Antoni
Assistants: Oly Begg & Jon Calvert
Editor: Ribal Hosn

While the boys set up the studio Almira proceeded to cover me from head to toe in Mac Face and Body and slick my hair back.

I thought at first I would be shy and nervous shooting completely naked in front of my husband, his nephew, his first assistant and Almira but something happens as a model where your body becomes completely desexualised and you enter into what I call "The Zone". Everything around you seems to disappear and it's just you and the camera. Getting into position I craftily slipped of my g-string and Georges turned on the projector. The flames began to trace along the lines of my body as I twisted and turned my curves and limbs. The colours flickered as parts of me went into shadow and other parts lit up in oranges, yellows, red and greens. 

"Talent is a flame, genius is a FIRE" - Bernard Williams

I loved being a part of this project. I love Atelier Lumira and what the brand and candles stand for. Almira worked from home creating and designing something she loved and believed in and persevered. Something I really admire and respect. Her new collection is coming soon and it smells a-ma-zing!

Website: www.atelierlumira.com

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Studio: La Porte 
Lunch: John Smith cafe

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