Is it wrong of me to have looked forward to spending a day at work? Doing something away from the routine of motherhood? Indulging in something that I love without my baby girl? I'm sure we all have different answers but my answer is no. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't miss her or think about her or request photo updates from Georges (see picture below right) but I do believe that it's important for a mother to have time on her own, time to refresh, time to reflect, time to replenish and time to re-energise. Surely it can only make you a better mother which can only result in a happier baby. 

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Saying goodbye to my little cherub was made all the more easy knowing that she was in good hands. Georges was also rather vocal about how excited he was to spend a whole day indulging in fatherhood. Something he (and she) experience very rarely. I think dads can get left out of the picture all too easily and I know how much Georges misses her when he has to go to work. Now it was my turn to feel how he feels. However, I loved knowing that he was able to spend some quality daddy/daughter time with her and spoil her like the daddy's girl that she totally is!

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"A model mum, OR a mum that MODELS?"

So, back to the job at hand. Cashmere Essentials were my wonderful client today. As you can see from the rack below it was no mean feat but jumping back on set was like riding a bike. I loved getting back in front of the camera and it felt good knowing I was out working and doing what I could to contribute financially to my family.

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The wonderful and very fortunate thing about modelling is that it doesn't have to be a daily grind. I can shoot as much or as little as I choose which means I get to balance being a mum and a model in a way that suits Georges and I. Of course not having any family in Sydney means that it's pretty much all down to Georges and I to juggle that illusive work/life/parent balance. 

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So this is the photo that I asked Georges to send me when the pain of missing her was getting just a little too much. Asleep and happy, all a mum could ask for. 

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A couple of hours after lunch I began feeling my boobs slowly swelling and filling up with milk. I'm pretty sure I grew a whole cup size in the time I was on set. It never occurred to me that even though Valentina would be fine, what with her grand supply of bottled breast milk, I on the other hand still needed to release the pressure. My boobs felt like a time bomb ready to explode. Cue freak out! Of course all thoughts led to mastitis and I was seriously considering running to the bathroom to hand expressing into the sink. As my fellow mums will know this is like flushing away liquid gold. Not the ideal solution but when the choice is that or infection I know which one I'd rather take. 

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Lucky for me (and my bulging breasts) Georges and Valentina dropped in to say hi so without hesitation out popped my boob and on popped Valentina. OMG! The relief was incredible. Lesson learnt. If I'm going to do this whole working mum thing then I need to either pump on set or bring V with me. I think I know which one everyone on set would prefer.

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I really did love getting back on set. It felt good to do what I loved prior to having Valentina. Of course it doesn't compare the amazing job of being Valentina's mum but every now and again I don't think it will hurt to be model instead of mum for a day. 


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