I think we can all agree that some of the best food we've ever eaten has come out the dodgiest looking places. Take this one for example, looks pretty run down, no proper indoor dining area, heck not even any tables. Kind of grimy looking and probably somewhere you would walk by without even noticing it was there. Am I right? Well this is where the expression, never judge a book by it's cover, fits perfectly. 

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As we arrived, we greeted our friend Joe and without having the option I was told to sit down and await my fate. Georges looked so excited, as if he was about to reveal the biggest secret in New York. Without taking my order he ran inside and 5 minutes later popped out with a baguette filled with the most unusual but incredible sandwich filling. 

Vietnamese Banh Mi ingredients.jpg

As I took my first bite I could see Georges staring at me, waiting for my reaction............see below.

Serious sandwich game face.

Serious sandwich game face.

Unfortunately Georges wasn't able to capture the original reaction due to the fact that he too was chowing down on his delicious sarnie, so this was take number two. As you can see I am seriously overplaying it....although it's not far off. 


Not much on the outside...not much on the inside either. But the sandwich is bloomin' brilliant.

Not much on the outside...not much on the inside either. But the sandwich is bloomin' brilliant.

Growing up in the UK naturally I am a sucker for a good sandwich and we are spoilt rotten over there. All I will say is Marks & Spencer. So I like to think I know a good sandwich when I see and eat one. This was quite unlike anything I'd had before.

"Get some PORK on your fork...then in your SANDWICH...then in your MOUTH"

The baguette is spread with hollandaise then stacked high with Vietnamese salami, pork roll, grilled minced pork, Jalapeneo peppers, pickled carrots and radish, cucumber and cilantro. Crazy right? Considering it's quite meat heavy it was surprisingly fresh and light and the combination of different porks created amazing texture and flavours. This Brit gives it sandwich seal of approval. 

Boy and girl laughing while eating Banh Mi.jpg

Tucked away on Broome Street between Prince and Spring Street in Manhatten it's a great summer spot to chill and watch the passers by while enjoying the simple pleasures of a sandwich. 

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