To say this place was busy is an understatement. Every chair had a bum, every hand had a coffee and every face had a smile as it chowed down on some of Baked Bars baked goodies. Including Australia’s own Zac Stenmark.

Walking under the mezzanine my eyes were drawn to the back wall of the café. Freshly baked bread hung in little metal baskets, baked fresh daily in their Alexandria warehouse and brought to Double Bay for us lucky folk to enjoy.

Perched outside for prime people watching we merely glanced at the menu before asking the waiter to order us his three favourite dishes.

The food arrived and as I posed for photos like the good little food blogger I am, I was quickly inundated with questions from a couple of Greek men sitting opposite. Telling me how lovely I looked they grabbed my attention before proceeding to guess where I was from. When they realised that my home country was just a stones throw away from their beloved Greece the questions began to roll in.

“Have you been to Greece?” “Can you speak Greek?” “Do you like Greek food?”

“Yes I’ve been to Greece and many of the islands including Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos.”

“Mykonos?! Mykonos is for the poofs.”

As you can imagine the conversation ended rather abruptly after that. After flashing them an awkward smile they let us get back to finishing our photo shoot before diving into the warm, fresh food put before us.

Not something I would usually order, we started with the shakshuka. Personally I found the tomato quite overpowering and the perfectly cooked eggs were lost in the sauce. However, it provided excellent dippage for the toasted multigrain sourdough which I quite happily used to mop up the juices.

The tuna nicoise salad was beautifully simple and fresh with an eastern suburbs twist. The addition of kale and roasted carrot made it their own and the tuna was cooked medium rare, just how I like it.

Our final savoury dish was the prawn linguine. The most plump, perfectly cooked prawns on a generous bed of pasta, which unfortunately I found slightly under seasoned but with the help of a little table salt is was delicious.

For me no meal is complete without sweet and with such a stunning range of freshly made pastries all baked on site it was impossible for us to say no.

However the ratio of three meals to two tummies didn’t bode well for dessert so they packed us up a pretty fancy looking doggy bag, a beautiful woven reusable tote, to take home with us. The perfect combination of fashion meets food.

With our friends coming for dinner we now had dessert sorted. We lay all our yummy treats out on a platter and let everyone dive in. I of course dived in with both hands and mouth wide open. For research purposes obviously.

The raspberry and poppy seed scone was probably one of the best scones I have ever had. The texture was dense as a scone should be with the perfect amount of crumble and a hint of tart raspberry.

The mixed berry custard and coconut and mango tarts were beautiful not only in looks but in taste and texture as well. The pastry casing was super thin and delicate and the custards were smooth and creamy and full of flavour.

Finally the cheese pocket, yes a cheese pocket dessert. It's not unusual to use cheese in sweet dishes. Think about it, cheese and quince or cheese and honey, the perfect combination of sweet meets salt. The cheese was quite subtle and didn't overpower, it merely added to the sticky, gooey filling. The pastry was super flakey and I loved the addition of sultanas.

"Stressed IS Desserts spelled BACKWARDS."

The location of Bake Bar is perfectly situated among the hustle and bustle of Double Bay and if I’m in the area I will definitely be popping in for a cup of coffee and sugar hit. I mean, if it’s good enough for Zac Stenmark right? 


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*My meal was complimentary but all opinions and experiences are my own.