For the coffee lovers out there, I'm sure you will agree that a bad cup of coffee has the power to ruin your entire day. Well for me, the same can be said for sushi. A bad sushi experience has the ability to destroy my whole week! The prospect of smooth, fresh fish on a tiny block of perfectly cooked, sticky rice is enough to get me out of bed. Or in this case walk for 50 minutes across 39 blocks in the sweltering New York heat. However, it saddens me to say that on this occasion it really wasn't worth it. 

I know Blue Ribbon Sushi has a reputation for being a must try, well I would quite happily forget the bland and massively over priced fishy mouthfuls.

We started with the mixed seaweed salad, usually a favourite of mine but I found it rather tough and rubbery and the drizzle of dressing around the edge was not nearly enough to add flavour to the lifeless green ruffles.

No matter, we didn’t come for the salad, we came for the sushi. And boy, is there a lot of sushi to chose from. We asked the waitress for her opinion and she suggested the Sushi Sashimi Combination, a platter with a mixture of different sushi, sashimi and a sushi roll. We also ordered a portion of the spicy crab roll, just for good measure. 

The platter came beautifully presented.........which is about where the positives end. I thought the sashimi was cut way too thick and the giant slabs of fish didn’t go down well. The rest of the sushi wasn’t bad but it definitely didn’t blow my mind. The spicy crab roll on the other hand was delicious…..but then again when does anything deep fried not taste delicious?


We didn't let any food go to waste but feeling full and feeling satisfied are two very different feelings in my book. Unfortunately we were neither; so we played it safe and ordered another spicy crab roll.

Overall it was a clear conclusion that this sushi was not all it was cracked up to be and having paid an arm and a leg for it we are in no hurry to go back.

"There's something FISHY about Blue RIBBON Sushi."

However, it's not all bad news. We spotted Mr Superbad himself, Jonah Hill sitting two tables behind us with a mystery brunette. 

If you look really, really, really, really closely you can just about see the top of his shaven head and the corner of an eyebrow, directly four people behind me. Check out my 'I'm just casually taking a sip of water whilst having my picture taken' pose, as we secretly (and clearly rather badly) take snaps of celebrities. Paparazzi we are most definitely not.


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