Other than your silk PJs what and who is your favourite thing to take to bed?
REST essential oil perfume by Serene Body Health. It smells delicious and it’s the perfect luxurious touch when snuggling into bed with my silks leaving me smelling good and feeling good as I drift off to dream land!

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What was your biggest challenge when setting up Sleeping with Jacques?
The biggest challenge is always starting, however, once I started I had the most incredible support from my friends and family that was so overwhelming and fills me with gratitude daily. The brand went gangbusters and I was struggling to keep up whilst at the same time looking after my son, my step son, my household and the business all while being a single mother. The biggest challenge came when my son started school. I made the decision to take a break from the business and focus on him as he was struggling in his first year. It was the year that broke me to my knees and opened my eyes to the struggles women out there face. Mothers. Single mothers. Business women. Business mothers. It was the year that defined the intention behind Sleeping with Jacques.

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Why is it important for you to support underprivileged women through your brand?
As a single mother with amazing supportive family and friends I grappled to think of other mothers who didn’t have that same support. I wanted to do something to give back and let these women know that they are not alone. I want to be part of the community that supports them. Being a single mother is the hardest gig I’ve ever had. It’s also the badge I wear most proudly because it’s made me believe if I can do this job I can do anything.

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Who would you most love to see wearing your brand?
Helena Christensen is a total babe and a quiet creative. Angelina Jolie and Amal Clooney for all the activism and empowerment that they represent. Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevigne for their grace in the way they support what they believe in.

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Tell us your most embarrassing dream.
I had a sexy dream about Vanilla Ice during his hey days which ensued a year long obsession and bedroom walls being covered with his posters that my family refuse to let me live down.

What has been the biggest milestone/achievement for Sleeping with Jacques?
When a customer tells me how much they love their piece and how great they feel in it, I feel like I have achieved my goal.

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It goes without saying that a good night sleep is crucial for a productive day but what 3 things do you need to set you up for the day ahead?
I meditate first thing when I wake up then start the day with lemon juice mixed with apple vinegar of which I enjoy in my arm chair by the fireplace if it’s cold or on the balcony if it’s a nice morning. I’m obsessed with tea. It gives me pure joy! Those 3 things start my days perfectly.

What book is currently sitting on your bedside table?
The Passion of Isis and Osiris; Jean Houston. I love mythology.

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Give us your own experience of bedroom to boardroom and beyond when it comes to wearing your brand?
Having this collection has seriously streamlined my wardrobe and my life. On a really busy day when I am under the pump I have woken up in my PJs, stayed in them all day at work then rushed off to do school pick up. Having felt so chic the whole day I’ll even announce to the other mothers at school that I’m still wearing my PJs! They do a double take because I definitely do not look like I’m in them. The velvet collection is my go to for a night out, it’s a great dinner outfit and chic enough for all and any meetings. It’s extremely comfortable and I always get compliments on how great I look. I love that feeling good and looking good can go hand in hand. I really am the walking endorsement for sleepwear to outerwear.

Bedtime is for BEGINNERS…….middles, and ends.”

Describe your perfect day.
All day in my PJs makes any day perfect.

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What’s next for Sleeping with Jacques?
There are some exciting collaborations in the pipeline and we are hoping to expand the collection to luxury international department stores in the near future. It’s such a beautifully tactile product that needs to be touched by as many people as possible.

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