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Tell us about your new life in Bali. How does it differ to that of living in Sydney? And why Bali?

The easiest way to describe our new life is that the days are longer, we have way more family time and are enjoying being out of the Sydney rat-race …. for now. It’s funny I have never even been to Bali for a holiday prior to relocating there to live. Nathan was offered an opportunity to work with a really cool young group of expat professionals opening up several restaurants in Canggu. We figured these ‘adventures’ in life don’t come too often so lets give it a go. 

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What does this move mean for Frankie Peach?

Frankie Peach is business as usual where our team still operates out of Sydney. For Lotta and I it means A LOT more what app meetings and calls. The exciting news is that with a move to Bali it has opened up a creative space for another brand Lotta and I are working on. We are hoping to launch by November so stay tuned! 

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Just when I think you can't do anymore, a little Instagram birdie tells me you’ve got another project on the horizon. Can you spill the beans on Her Black Book?

I had an idea to build a directory of some sorts for women but my idea didn’t feel complete so I registered the business name I was after and sat on it for years. I guess being in Bali it has given me more time to think about it and once the lightbulb hit its been all guns blazing to bring it to life. So Her Black Book is a multi-dimensional directory platform for women. Offering exclusive discounts among retailers, hospitality, travel and services. It will have real-time geo tagging as well as engaging female focussed content. 

Your life embodies both food and fashion but heres the ultimate question. Which do you love more?

Food - without a question. It’s what brings people together and all my greatest memories are surrounded by great company, good wine and tasty food! 

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What does Nathan need to cook you to have you wrapped around his little finger?

Anything! Contrary to popular belief being married to a chef does not mean restaurant like meals every night, in fact its the opposite. They’re either working during the hours of lunch and dinner on most nights OR the last thing they want to do is cook after a 16 hours shift. So when he does cook I’m happy with anything, from homemade pasta, a spicy curry or  roast pork with his insanely good crackling!

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Favourite meal in Bali so far?

Anything at Fish Bone Local. Their salt and pepper calamari is next level! Considering I don’t normally eat seafood and often pretend I have an allergy so I don’t have to eat it, the fact I crave most of their dishes says a lot.

You’ve been very open about your journey as a cancer survivor, how did food play a part in your recovery?

A huge part.  I think in order to have a healthy mind you need to look after your body from the food you put in to the energy you hold onto. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat junk, show me a block of cadbury black forest and I can eat the entire thing in one sitting. However generally I am good, 80% of the time I eat foods that are wholesome the remaining 20% I don’t have rules. 

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How will/have you taught your boys to have a healthy attitude towards food?

We try and teach them to try everything, even if mum doesn’t. Ha. I am one of the fussiest eaters you will meet but Nathan is great in teaching them to just try something. Growing up he was actually super fussy too so we both try and involve all the kids in all stages of food. From growing herbs and veggies to shaving them help pick out groceries at the markets or supermarket. Ordering a bunch of different meals to share so they taste and test the different flavours and textures.  Ultimately it’s also about balance - teaching them to enjoy things like a Sunday Roast as much as they enjoy a kinder surprise egg. 

Describe each of your boys as a dish.

Ohh good question, let me see.

Simun - Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup - He’s easy going, an old soul, gentle and has the kindest nature. 

Harvey - Blistered Pardon Peppers - 99% of the time he’s sweet, gentle and warm - he does however have a 1% fiery streak where he’s headstrong and adamant. 

Harry - Warm Apple Pie - he’s the most chilled child ever. Always smiling, always chatting. He wakes after an 10 hour sleep and just hangs in his crib chatting to himself till someone comes to get him. Day, Night, Summer, Winter - it doesn’t matter - he’s the same consistent little cruiser. 

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How have you managed your role as a mother living in a completely new environment?

Thankfully with ease! We’re really lucky that we have nannies to help us especially with Nathan working. Bali has definitely been a completely different experience for us as a family. Our kids are constantly out and about exploring - we basically only have them home to take their baths and naps. The days are long and warm and there is so much do and see. The fact that it’s all far more affordable then that in Sydney it helps. 

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If you could go anywhere in the world, at anytime of the year and eat anything you wanted. Where, when and what would it be?

La Buvette in Paris - It’s a place Nathan and I fell in love with when we went on our honeymoon. It’s super small has great bar snacks and it’s run by this super cool french girl who owns the place and is both the host, sommelier and chef. 

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