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Is it wrong of me to have looked forward to spending a day at work? Doing something away from the routine of motherhood? Indulging in something that I love without my baby girl? I'm sure we all have different answers but my answer is no. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I didn't miss her or think about her or request photo updates from Georges (see picture below right) but I do believe that it's important for a mother to have time on her own, time to refresh, time to reflect, time to replenish and time to re-energise. Surely it can only make you a better mother which can only result in a happier baby. 

phoebe and valentina.JPG

Saying goodbye to my little cherub was made all the more easy knowing that she was in good hands. Georges was also rather vocal about how excited he was to spend a whole day indulging in fatherhood. Something he (and she) experience very rarely. I think dads can get left out of the picture all too easily and I know how much Georges misses her when he has to go to work. Now it was my turn to feel how he feels. However, I loved knowing that he was able to spend some quality daddy/daughter time with her and spoil her like the daddy's girl that she totally is!

georges antoni and valentina.JPG
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"A model mum, OR a mum that MODELS?"

So, back to the job at hand. Cashmere Essentials were my wonderful client today. As you can see from the rack below it was no mean feat but jumping back on set was like riding a bike. I loved getting back in front of the camera and it felt good knowing I was out working and doing what I could to contribute financially to my family.

cashmere essentials wardrobe.JPG
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The wonderful and very fortunate thing about modelling is that it doesn't have to be a daily grind. I can shoot as much or as little as I choose which means I get to balance being a mum and a model in a way that suits Georges and I. Of course not having any family in Sydney means that it's pretty much all down to Georges and I to juggle that illusive work/life/parent balance. 

photoshoot essentials.JPG
phoebe giving the peace sign.JPG
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baby photos on set.JPG

So this is the photo that I asked Georges to send me when the pain of missing her was getting just a little too much. Asleep and happy, all a mum could ask for. 

phoebe cashmere essentials.JPG
phoebe being styled on set.JPG

A couple of hours after lunch I began feeling my boobs slowly swelling and filling up with milk. I'm pretty sure I grew a whole cup size in the time I was on set. It never occurred to me that even though Valentina would be fine, what with her grand supply of bottled breast milk, I on the other hand still needed to release the pressure. My boobs felt like a time bomb ready to explode. Cue freak out! Of course all thoughts led to mastitis and I was seriously considering running to the bathroom to hand expressing into the sink. As my fellow mums will know this is like flushing away liquid gold. Not the ideal solution but when the choice is that or infection I know which one I'd rather take. 

phoebe modelling cashmere essentials.JPG
vietnamese salad.JPG
phoebe on set cashmere essentials.JPG
editing cashmere essentials.JPG

Lucky for me (and my bulging breasts) Georges and Valentina dropped in to say hi so without hesitation out popped my boob and on popped Valentina. OMG! The relief was incredible. Lesson learnt. If I'm going to do this whole working mum thing then I need to either pump on set or bring V with me. I think I know which one everyone on set would prefer.

Valentina on set.JPG
Valentina visits phoebe on set.JPG

I really did love getting back on set. It felt good to do what I loved prior to having Valentina. Of course it doesn't compare the amazing job of being Valentina's mum but every now and again I don't think it will hurt to be model instead of mum for a day. 


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[LIFE BEHIND THE SCENES] The Joy of Being Pregnant


[LIFE BEHIND THE SCENES] The Joy of Being Pregnant

Q. Planned or unplanned?

A. Definitely planned. We started trying in January this year and were lucky enough to fall pregnant by May. In fact after our first scan at 7 weeks the Dr told us we conceived on 16th May which was the day after Georges got back from LA. Thank goodness she didn’t miscalculate otherwise that would have been a very awkward drive home.

Q. Is pregnancy exactly what you imagined it would be like?

A. Not really, you get told what to expect and what will happen to you physically and emotionally but I imagine like parenthood you can never fully understand it until you go through it yourself. One thing I definitely didn’t imagine was just how much I would enjoy being pregnant and how much bonding happens before you even meet the little human. I've also loved seeing how excited Georges is getting. He says hello to my tummy before me. 


Q. How have you changed your routine since becoming pregnant? How has it changed your life and daily routine?

A. Nothing much has changed really. Especially in my second and now third trimester I do everything I used to do before being pregnant just with a little extra weight attached to me. My first trimester was pretty tough, I went from going to the gym 6 times a week to not at all because my energy levels were non existent and I suffered with morning sickness for the first couple of months. However, now my day to day is pretty much back to normal. Except for the occasional trip to Baby Kingdom and a guilt free donut (or two).

Q. Have you done any modelling jobs since finding out you were pregnant? If so what were they for?

A. Yes I have! In fact right this moment as I type this, I’m sitting in a cafe in Melbourne having just wrapped a shoot for Target. 


Q. What are you looking forward to most after the baby arrives?

A. Finding out if it’s a boy or a girl. Georges and I have decided to keep it a surprise (I never thought I would have the strength to wait). I’m also looking forward to seeing what our baby will look like. There’s been so much speculation because Georges and I are totally opposite in our appearance. Georges has always said as long as it looks like you then the baby will be sorted. Finally I’m looking forward to introducing our baby to all my family in the UK, especially my grandma. I’m not sure when they’ll all get to meet him/her but I know it will be very special when they do. 

Q. Have you had to buy specific maternity outfits or do you have a go to designer that does the job for you?

A. So far I haven’t had to. Surprisingly my wardrobe seems to cater pretty well for pregnancy, lots of oversized shirts, maxi dresses and body con dresses are doing the job just fine. As I’ve gotten bigger I have had to stock up on a few extra outfits but just going to my regular haunts and buying larger sizes seems to be enough. I will say I am missing a good pair of jeans and denim shorts so if anyone knows where I can get a fashionable maternity pair please holla! 


Q. How has your food habits changed, have you had any cravings and what has been your go to comfort food?

A. For the first couple of months food was my enemy. I wasn’t interested in anything unless it was loaded with carbs and fat and sugar. I was completely turned off cooking, I had to hold my breath every time I opened the fridge or pantry because the smell of food made me feel sick. Coffee was also a right off! I couldn’t step into a cafe if it smelled strongly of coffee as it also made me want to throw up. I had a strong craving for fruit juice and Calypos for a while and now I seem to have lost interest in meat. It’s incredible how the body tells you what it wants and what it doesn’t want. It was so hard, especially being such a foodie. I can’t wait to go to my favourite sushi restaurant and demolish a thousand plates of salmon and avocado rolls. 

Q. Describe how you will be as a first time Mum?

A. I don’t even know if that’s possible. I have ideas of what I would like to be as a parent but whether that ends up happening I guess all depends on the type of child we have. In short I’d love to encourage our child to embrace life and get involved in all sorts of sports, activities and community programs. I will teach our child to be open minded and accepting of all people, cultures and religions. I think I will be fairly disciplined as rude, ill mannered children really get under my skin. And if we have a girl I will totally indulge her in all things Disney, dancing and pink. I’ve already begun educating Georges on the Disney princesses but he still thinks Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood are the same person.....


Q. You are originally from England, is your family coming out for the birth?

A. Hopefully, my Mum is flying in a week before the birth then she’ll stay for about 5 weeks. Being her only child this is quite a big deal for her as it’s her first grandchild so it will be very special to give her those first few weeks to bond. I’ve got some friends coming to visit around April/May and then my dad will come out as soon as he can, unless we get over to the UK sooner. 

Q. How is Georges preparing for fatherhood, how do you think he will be as a father?

A. Georges has had seven nieces and nephews to prepare for fatherhood. He’s amazing with children and there is no doubt in my mind he will be an incredible father. I think his main fear is not having enough time to spend with the baby, however Georges is a very present human being so the time he does have for his children will be completely devoted to them. I can’t wait to see him as a dad. Also, is it just me or is a strong, rugged man holding a baby a real turn on??


Q. Drugs or no drugs?

A. Haha! I’ve told myself if I can do it without the drugs then great. However, giving birth is no mean feat so if gets too much I’m not ashamed to call on for a little help.

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[GIRLS ON FILM] Maddy King


[GIRLS ON FILM] Maddy King

I can't say I remember the first time I met Maddy (sorry Maddy) but what I will say is that once you've met her you won't forget her. If Maddy was a Mr Men character she would be Miss Bubbly and with a smile that stretches from ear to ear she is a seriously infectious human being.

Mine and Maddy's paths have crossed many a time including on set for clients including Speedo's and Big W and of course the occasional Sydney social. However, where our friendship really took a turn was the time Maddy gave me a tummy rub. OK, let me be more specific. I say tummy rub but the correct term is Chi Nei Tsang, an ancient abdominal treatment that has physical, emotional and mental healing properties. Maddy is not your average model she is a qualified nutritionist, Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and breathing coach, healing us from the inside out one bloated gut at a time. Sounds delightful. 

Oh she also just launched her website The Yoni Club. Fashion for the festival goers or those with simply a more adventurous style of dressing.

Is there nothing this girl can't do???

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[GIRLS ON FILM] Meg Fairbairn


[GIRLS ON FILM] Meg Fairbairn

It was almost a year ago when I met this wonderful woman for the first time. Right here in my apartment whilst she was shooting with Georges. The above photo being the result of said photoshoot. I love Meg's kooky nature and even more quirky style and appearance. Not many can pull off a shaven head but with a face like that she seriously rocks it. 

Since meeting Meg I have watched her grow and blossom in the fashion industry and she has landed some pretty killer gigs including but not limited to You may have also seen her most recently storming the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week runway for Romance Was Born, Sass and Bide, Dion Lee and Bianca Spender. Now you get to see her here on Model Appetite asking one of life's most challenging questions........would you rather?

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