THE test of TRUE love.

What would you say if I told you this is how I first met Georges mum and dad? Not the usual get up when meeting the parents. What if I then told you that the clothes I'm wearing, be it very little, were actually Georges' mums? Now shit's getting weird. Let me explain......

So Georges and I were not yet officially dating at this point. I was just another model and he was just another photographer. However, we were pretty good friends (benefits excluded.........) so he invited me up to the Gold Coast to meet his family and take some new shots for my book. He had a backdrop set up in his parents front room for occasions such as this. For Georges parents having beautiful women brought to their home was a regular occurrence. 

Unfazed by this half naked stranger roaming around their living room they welcomed me with open arms. In fact Mona raided her wardrobe and styled me with her own vintage pieces. That fur shawl was Mona's mothers, a genuine antique and family heirloom. Paired together with a few lingerie pieces from a Gold Coast designer the shoot took on a life of its own. 

Georges was inspired by the movie Belle de Jour. For those who don't know it's a story of a young lady who spends her mid week afternoons as a prostitute while her husband is at work. Who knew fashion and prostitution could go hand in hand. Captured perfectly with textured, dishevelled hair, bleached eyebrows and a bold, verging on grotesque, lip liner it can only be the work of the incredible Tania Travers

Of course no trip to Mona and Sids comes without a monster of a feed, something I am now very accustomed to. As Georges and I were shooting in the front room the smell of homemade Lebanese cooking was wafting in from the kitchen. 

Thankfully my now parents in law weren't put off by my whore-ish appearance.....Georges certainly wasn't.  

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Photographer: Georges Antoni
Hair and Make Up: Tania Travers