BRAVERY is wearing white PANTS to dinner. 

If there is a photo shoot to encompass everything Model Appetite stands for then this is it. When the brief came through for the new Diet Coke campaign it summed MA up to a T. “We want you to just go for it. Give us energy, go mad and don’t worry about getting messy. ” Now that, I can do. 

With myself and one other model it was a collision of fun, fashion and food. Together we shot 17 different looks, each with their own unique style and story and lucky old me got thrown in at the deep end. The first set up was a dining table complete with plates, cutlery, Diet Coke candle holders (of course) and glasses and it was my job to fill the glasses with Diet Coke………..from a height none the less. Naturally I erred on the side of caution but once I got the thumbs up to go crazy......I did just that. As you can imagine things got messy and most of the coke went everywhere but the glasses (hair and face included). This waitress wasn't getting any tips I can tell you that much. 

Girl pouring diet coke into glasses.

Continuing along the lines of utter destruction we moved onto set number two, a long table filled with an abundance of food. I was asked to sit on the table wearing a pair of white jeans (you will understand the significance of knowing this in about 3 seconds) and was quite literally instructed to have a food fight with myself. Dropping spaghetti bolognaise into my mouth (and ultimately onto my face), squeezing ripe tomatoes between my fingers, juggling apples and pouring tomato sauce all over my trousers. I probably had a little too much fun during my food fight for one and tipping an entire bowl of salad over my head may have been a step too far. By the end of shot two I  I was already in need of a serious scrub down. 

Girl eating spaghetti and getting messy

Which was perfect, as set number three was a relaxing bubble bath in which I got to sit semi naked among the bubbles and sip on my Diet Coke. However, it smelt far from the bubble bath you would imagine and more like a toxic gas tub. It was a nasty reminder of those roller rink/foam party days and in between sips of Diet Coke I was gracefully gagging and choking on the noxious fumes. Needless to say we shot this pretty quick.

Girl in a bubble bath drinking diet coke
Girl drinking diet coke.

I could go on about all the different shots, including my rock star performance equipped with a guitar balancing on top of a set of speakers, kicking up my heels in a giant, red shoe, busting out some tunes on a Diet Coke microphone and screaming down the telephone with the most incredible make shift Diet Coke curlers. Instead I will let the photos do the talking. 

Girl sitting in a giant red shoe drinking diet coke
Girl yelling down the phone with diet coke hair rollers

Needless to say this is by far the most fun (and tasty) shoot I have had the pleasure of doing and it was a real honour to be a part of such a prestigious and global brand. 

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