All work and no play makes Phoebe a dull girl.

Book a job. Check
Book a week long job. Check.
Book a week long job in Florence. Check.
Book a week long job in Florence with my hubby. Check.
Doesn't get much better than that. 

Shooting with Japanese label Double Standard was an epic adventure and too much for one little post, so this is the first of a three part series twisting and turning you through the hills, city and countryside of Florence. 

Of course it would be a travesty to travel somewhere this beautiful and only have time for work. So we made sure that day one we made time for fun. And by fun I mean gelato. Lots of gelato. We were lucky enough to stumble upon one gelateria which shone bright above all others, tucked away behind the Duomo, Mordilatte. It's been four years since I took my first silky, smooth mouthful and it remains the best gelato I've tasted until this day.

Reminding myself I still needed to fit into the clothes for tomorrows shoot I reluctantly put a stop to the gelato frenzy and we headed back to our hilltop hotel for a good nights rest. 

Rising with the sun I was put straight into the make up chair before we bundled into our van and took to the hills. The plan was.......there was no plan. One of the many luxuries of shooting in Florence is that around every corner is the perfect built in backdrop. And it was only when Georges yelled "Stop!" that we jumped out and worked alongside Mother Nature to capture these unique and stunning shots. 

As we edged higher and higher we spotted a little stone house with a large patio overlooking the rolling hills. A hand painted sign read 'Restaurant' with an arrow pointing towards the house. This seemed as good a place as any to stop and have a bite. We were greeted and seated by a young woman and served by a young man, who looked to be her brother and inside the cottage we noticed who I can only assume was the Nona cooking away. 

The food was fresh, simple and traditional. Mozerella with red, red tomatoes and fragrant basil, homemade pasta with veal, the crispiest bread with olive oil and salt and beautifully pink cured meats. I could go on. When you discover a hidden gem like this, it's not the time to hold back. 

We continued to shoot until the light told us it was time to wrap it up. I was ready to call it a day but who knew if it was because we shot from sunrise to sunset or because I was suffering from PTSD - Post Tummy Sleep Disorder. Either way I was ready for bed. 

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Photographer: Georges Antoni
Styling: Jason Coates