“Going to the chapel and we’re gona get married. Going to the chapel of love.” And who knew that three years later I would actually be getting married in Florence with the man who was taking my photo. Funny how the world works. Interestingly enough it rained during this photo shoot as it did our wedding day. Maybe the world was trying to tell us something?

Thankfully that was the only similarity to our wedding. We tracked down the location of our shoot by simply driving around the beautifully, deserted countryside, winding up through narrow roads lined with bushes, trees, flowers, stone walls, wrought iron gates and the occasional wandering cat. On our way towards……..where ever it was we were going, Georges spotted a rose farm and like any good photographer he grabbed the opportunity at hand.

We pulled over to shoot our first shot smack bang in the middle of a rose bush. Clearly not ready for the occasion I got dressed in the back of the van before diving head first into the leaves, thorns and petals. Turned out to be the best photo of the day and it smelt pretty blooming (get it?) good too.

"Rain, hail or SHINE."

We eventually stumbled across a little chapel, which made for the perfect backdrop to the very pretty and romantic dresses we were shooting. Now looking at the photos you would never tell that it was absolutely bloody freezing. I mean, it’s Florence!!! It shouldn’t be cold! Oh but it was and getting colder by the second; and then it began to rain.

The client was adamant that we keep shooting as they stood wrapped up in their cosy, waterproof jackets and jumpers seeking shelter inside the van. It was easy for them to say but seeing as Georges and I were the ones being paid we couldn’t very well say no. But then it got to breaking point. The rain was coming down hard, my lips were turning blue and my teeth were chattering like a wind up toy. “Ok, we need to wrap this up now, she’s freezing. I’m not going to shoot anymore.” My hero!

The client finally gave in and decided today was not the day to give a model pneumonia. And on that happy note that sums up my three-part Florence series. In all seriousness though it was an incredible adventure, I got to explore one of the most beautiful cities and surroundings in the world and I got to eat pasta. And pasta makes everything ok.


Photographer: Georges Antoni
Stylist: Jason Coates

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