Day two and this time we kept the shoot closer to home. Ducking in and around the cobbled streets of Florence, carrying all the clothes on our backs and all the camera equipment there was no mistaking us for anything other than a group of fashion fanatics. 

When modelling on location it can be common to have to change outfits in a public toilet, in a shop alcove or on the street. Which is exactly what I had to do when getting ready for this shot in front of the Duomo. 

It does mean having to come up with some rather inventive ways of changing without flashing the world your lovely bits. With the help of the stylist of course, who you hope has brought a towel or two to assist in shielding your modesty. 

The shot above was easily my favourite of the day. Now it could be because of the incredible, iconic Ponte Vecchio in the background, it could be because my outfit is totally on point, or it could be because like naughty school children we broke the law in the name of fashion and climbed over the side of the bridge for the perfect shot. And if we got caught the plan was to play the naive foreigner and flutter those heavily mascara coated eyelashes. They've got to come in useful for something.

"Look into my EYES, you are GETTING hungry."

When lunch time rolled around the crew headed off to satisfy their rumbling tummies as Georges and I were left to finish shooting. Like the professionals we are we did just that then rewarded ourselves with a romantic lunch for two. By this time we were starving and even though dinner was only round the corner we needed something to fill the aching hole.

 We found a little restaurant in the backstreets and ordered up a pizza. We asked for a half half, I know, I know blasphemy. Never ask an Italian for half half. This isn't Dominos mate!! We asked for one side margherita and one side with anchovies and capers. The waitress smiled, nodded and took our menus. About 15 minutes later she came out with two pizza's in hand. One whole margherita pizza and one whole anchovies and capers pizza. Obviously her English was not as good as we assumed and our Italian was certainly not up to scratch. We tried not to fill up before dinner and told ourselves we would only have a couple of slices. Well, that didn't happen. This is Italy after all, none of this New York slice malarky. 

With very little time to digest lunch we blinked and suddenly it was dinner. We went to a restaurant that was recommended by a friend of a friend of a friend and if I could find that friend of a friend of a friend I would give that friend of a friend of a friend a ginormous hug and kiss for introducing us to La Giostra 

Among a mountain of glorious Italian fare my favourites included the pear and pecorino ravioli and for desert, the rice and raspberry ice cream. Think of a cold rice pudding made with ice cream instead of milk and drizzled with fresh crushed raspberries and served in a sundae glass the height of the leaning tower of Pisa. An epic day topped off by an equally epic food experience. 

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Photographer: Georges Antoni
Styling: Jason Coates