"SUNSHINE, lollipops and Rainbows."

This girl is the epitome of chilled. If she's not contorting her way through a yoga class, she's probably in the kitchen baking healthy, delicious treats, or relaxing in the sleepy serenity of Redleaf beach, or heading up to the capitol of hippy-ville, Byron Bay.  However, don't be deceived by this Wisconsin woman's ways, she may be a hippy at heart but when it comes to the modelling world Jira is anything but. Her incredible bone structure, almond shaped eyes and perfectly cut out lips make her one of my favourite models (and I'm not just saying that because she's my friend......but if it gets me a massage.....yes she's a trained masseuse too). 

It's hard to keep up with this little jet setter but of course she was more than happy to make time for her biggest modelling role yet......Model Appetite's, Girls on Film.