All I WANT for Christmas is........

Before you say it, no it is not my two front teeth. As you can see from my photos, I am more than equipped with those. As obvious as it may sound all I ever really want for Christmas now, at the ripe old age of 27, is to spend time with my family, to gorge myself silly on a ridiculous abundance of food and finally, to make sure I'm looking half decent when I enter into a new year. No one wants to begin a new year looking like the previous year left them haggard and past it. Which is why I can now finally understand the joy my mother felt when she opened up yet ANOTHER hand cream, or fancy shampoo and conditioner set or a pack of  nose strips. I too feel that same joy. Long gone are the days of screaming with excitement at the revealing of the latest Take That CD. Actually who am I kidding, Take That forever. 

Looking after yourself is no mean feat. It can take time, resource and even a scheduled appointment in the diary. Sometimes the effort of shaving my legs is overruled by the decision to wear trousers. So, on the subject of hair, my latest article for The Journal Mag was to find out what we blondes really want for Christmas. 

In my opinion, regardless of being blonde, nothing beats a trip to the salon to fix up tired tresses. Latte in one hand, magazine in the other, relaxing head massage and possibly a cheeky nap, sounds like the perfect Sunday afternoon right? 

All this and you leave the building feeling the prettier, more confident, luscious long lost sister of your former self. 
So in conclusion C
hristmas is a time for giving, for making memories, to think of others and booking that hair appointment for January 1st.

Headshot Phoebe Ghorayeb model in New York

The accompanying picture for this column was taken during my [MODEL MADHOUSE] A Scrappy Test shoot. Using the the large floor to ceiling windows behind me we blew out the background to create a makeshift white backdrop. Clever right? Who would guess that right behind me is one of New Yorks most famous bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge. However, on this occasion it was my turn in the spotlight. 


*unfortunately production on this issue of The Journal was delayed so my reference to Xmas is slightly off. But that's OK, Xmas 2016 is only 11 months away!