Go HARD or GO home

I have decided to give you all a sneak peak between the pages of The Journal Mag at my most recent Blonde Voyage column, The Truth About Bottle Blondes. Now this is only a snippet. For the full shebang you'll need to get your hands on the hard copy. But it doesn't stop there, I'm also including some bits and pieces that didn't quite make the cut. Just for your pleasure.  

We all saw it. Don't pretend you didn't. 

In true Paris Fashion Week form Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner switched identities. 

In true Paris Fashion Week form Gigi Hadid and  Kendall Jenner switched identities. Gigi gave up her blonde locks in exchange for a more seductive chocolate brown, and Kendall covered up her iconic mane for bleach blonde hair complete with dark roots. While the #KenGi swap may have had some assistance in the form of wigs, if you are planning on following in Kendall’s footsteps and lightening those strands, I advise you to proceed with caution.

Being blonde is not always what it’s cracked up to be.  I’m not talking about you true blondes out there, I’m talking about those who spend hours at the salon in a bid to fake it ‘til they make it. When taking the plunge from brunette to blonde, you need to tread carefully - especially if it means potentially losing your hair, losing a week’s wage or even losing your boyfriend.

I sat down with the recently transformed Chloe Rose, a stylist among Sydney’s fashion elite, to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it came to making the real #KenGi swap.

The blonde in question.

The blonde in question.

PG: Why did you decide to go blonde?

CR: I needed a change, so I decided to get it done the day before New Years and to start the year feeling lighter and brighter.

PG: Did the idea of going blonde scare you once you knew what was at stake?

CR: If I’m honest, I was petrified. I didn't do a lot of research into what it would involve. I quite literally decided to go blonde the day I did. I had no idea it would be a 6-8 hour process. And what a process it was. Other than being extremely time consuming I also discovered that when you first bleach your hair it comes out bright yellow!! I looked a bit like Lady Gaga, which was not quite the look I was going for, but after using a toner the colour was perfect.

PG: Has being blonde been an enjoyable experience?

CR: Something I’ve learnt about bleaching hair is that it’s a lot of trial and error. Every time I sit in that salon chair the nerves creep in and I watch my roots getting whiter and whiter, I know they are the experts but I still freak out.


model sitting on a bench

PG: What are you doing at home to keep it looking good?

CR: It’s all about Olaplex, it hydrates your hair and keeps it looking and feeling healthy. I use it once a week when washing my hair and it is beautifully soft for a good few days afterwards but it is definitely something you need to continue to use with.

PG: What advice would you give to someone considering the change from brunette to blonde?

CR: Do your research. Go to a couple of salons and ask them about their process, as every salon is different. Know exactly what they are going to do to your hair. I was very naïve when I sat in the chair and I think it would have helped to know what was going on.

PG: What’s your best tip for looking after newly bleached hair?

CR: Your hair is going to be much more fragile so you really need to take the time to look after it. Avoid using heat for styling as much as possible. Use moisturising products as much as you can.

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PG: And finally, what does your boyfriend think?

CR: He didn't speak to me for a week! For him it was a bit of a shock, however once his friends started calling me Khaleesifrom Game of Thrones he instantly came around to the idea and now he is a big fan.

So, as you can see from Chloe’s experience being blonde is not always easy and is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Going blonde is not just about the destination, it’s a journey that can present many hurdles, none of which seem to get smaller or easier to jump. However, if you are prepared for the road ahead then follow in the footsteps of Kendall and make every day your runway.