"NIGHT of the Living BLONDE"

They say that in order to over come your fears you must face them head on. Sometimes that's easier said than done. In my most recent column for The Journal Mag I allowed the hairdressers of Sydney to open up about the hair horror stories they'd witnessed on their blonde clientele. A problem shared is a problem halved right?

Well here I'm sharing with you the 20 things that scare me the most. It may not completely rid me of my demons but it might go some way in helping. Here it goes....

1. Spiders. Obvious I know but the fear is very, very real.
2. Cockroaches. Like spiders with wings.
3. Driving next to a bus or truck. I know it's not going to run me over but it's still a case of little car Vs giant bus. 
4. Watching children run down hill. Especially the wobbly ones who've only  just learnt how to walk. It takes all my strength to not run after them.
5. Horror movies. Although that's a fear that I relish.
6. Visiting my agency for underwear digis. And I know I'm not the only model who feels this way.

7. Going shopping without my personal stylist a.k.a my husband. His opinion is the only one I trust.
 8. Opting for a different haircut. Your hair will never look like Blake Lively's however hard you try.
9. When the plane is about to land. Take off no problem but landing gets me every time.
10. Ordering coffee at a cafe I've never tried. Bad coffee = Bad day.
11. This blog business and putting myself our there for the world. That's pretty bloody scary.

12. Failure. The fear of failure in my opinion, the worst fear of all.
13. Answering my phone to unknown numbers. I usually just let it ring out and hope they leave a voicemail message so I can decide whether or not I want to call them back.
14. The end of the financial year. I don't think I need to explain why. 

15. Buying presents for acquaintances. You know them enough to get them a gift but not well enough to know what they want. 

16. Being last to the buffet table. What if there's not enough of the good stuff left?
17. Seeing your new campaign in shop windows or fashion spread in a magazine. If it's bad there's nothing you can do about it.
18. Sleeping at home alone. All those horror movies probably haven't helped. They've left me with a rather active imagination.
19. Parking in Sydney. A deep, rooted fear that bubbles under the surface and emerges in an explosion of road rage after 20 minutes of driving around in circles only to park 30 minutes away from my
destination and paying an arm and a leg for the "privilege".  
20. FOMO. We all have it. 

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