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[Jocks and Cheerleaders]


“I can’t waaaaait for the weekend to begin.” Does anyone remember that song? I feel like it’s the perfect theme tune to my shoot for Jockey’s newest campaign aptly named The Weekender. And with a lovely long weekend just put behind us in the shape of Easter, it seems fitting to post this shoot to remind us of the good times we had rolling around in our pyjamas until midday (at least that’s what I was doing at Easter). Read on to find out who I shared my bed with. I’ll give you a clue, they both found love as millions of people watched on….

I strongly believe that a good day at work comes down to the people you work with. In the modelling game your team changes with nearly every shoot and with every team come different dynamics, characters and moods. It really is luck of the draw. If you have to wear uncomfortable clothes, shoes that don’t fit, work in stinking hot or freezing cold temperatures or heaven forbid they don’t announce the morning coffee run…… you can usually always get by if the people around you are bloomin’ awesome human beings.

Matilda Rice Jockey

matilda rice on the couch for jockey

On my shoot with Jockey I fell out of the lucky tree and hit every branch on the way down. It doesn’t get much better than a pyjama fuelled, shoeless, warm summer day with not one coffee run but TWO! Oh and the team were also on top form.

crew behind the scenes jockey

Phoebe Ghorayeb Jockey

I had the pleasure of prancing around in my Jockey PJs with two other gorgeous specimens. Remember my clue? Both members of the reality TV world they came out unscathed and far from the obnoxious, fame hungry characters you might expect. If I didn’t know they starred in international scale TV shows (which at first I didn’t) you would never know. Of course I played it cool when I found out but I won’t pretend I didn’t give a little internal yelp of excitement before continuing to interrogate them on their lives in the limelight. It’s not my place to say what they revealed but I will say it was pretty juicy.

phoebe ghorayeb and matilda rice for jockey

Sitting next to me in the make up chair, mesmerised by her kiwi accent, Matilda Rice is the epitome of cool. If you don’t know her you should. Winner (if that’s what you can call it) of New Zealand’s The Bachelor, she is quite possibly one of the funniest people I have ever met. Following her on Instagram she is my daily dose of hilarity. That’s follow not stalk. There is a difference.

Phoebe having make up for jockey

And if Matilda wasn’t bringing enough cool, calm and collectedness to the table, Jay Lyon was certainly holding up his end. Some may know him as ex boyfriend to fashionista Whitney Port on The Hills, I got to know him as the easy going, guitar-playing dude who spent the best part of the day with his shirt off. It was probably the best part of everyone else’s day too.

jay lyon jockey

phoebe ghorayeb and jay lyon shooting jockey

Day one on set was spent in a very cool, retro style home out in Castle Crag. With a stone covered fireplace, 70s style furniture and an en-suite bathroom that was painted entirely red. And when I say entirely I really do mean entirely. Floor to ceiling, bathtub to sink, it was certainly unique. The house sat on a rock edge over looking the water with a platform running alongside that I don’t think quite constitutes as a balcony.

matilda rice jockey

phoebe ghorayeb jockey

matilda rice jockey

phoebe ghorayeb for jockey

The day was pretty much spent lolling around in various types of pyjamas in all sorts of pyjama type situations. Both on set and off set. With three of us shooting it did allow for some downtime between shots. What to do with half an hour here and there? I made friends with a possum because why not?  Whereas Jay probably made better use of his time by taking a nap. Or was it? We had a lot of fun taking photos and videos of poor Jay splayed out on the bed, of which I proceeded to Snapchat to my 16 year old, man obsessed niece (sorry you had to find out this way Jay).

matilda rice behind the camera

“EAT, sleep, pyjamas, REPEAT.”

phoebe being filmed jockey

behind the scenes for jockey

Day two in Bilgola was not too dissimilar. Minus the weird, creepo videos. Relaxing into the Jockey way of life, Matilda took to doing some yoga, Jay playfully skidded down the hallway and I rummaged through the kitchen pantry (what’s new?)

matilda rice doing yoga jockey

jay lyon for jockey

Phoebe for Jockey

It may not be a reality TV show but this Jockey shoot certainly sums up my perfect reality.

The Weekender range is out now.

phoebe ghorayeb jockey

matilda rice jockey

phoebe ghorayeb jockey

jay lyon jockey

phoebe ghorayeb jockey

matilda rice jockey

phoebe for jockey

Photographer: Chris Searl
Make Up: Nadine Monley and Charlie Kielty
Stylist: Georgia Ashdown
Creative: Parlour

All behind the scenes photos were taken by the camera crew.


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