This…….has been a long time coming. And by long, I mean three years. My love affair with roti started God knows when. As a kid growing up in England, Indian food was as common as a Sunday roast, toad in the hole and apple crumble. I wouldn’t be surprised if my mum used roti to mop up the gravy juices from my bangers and mash. It’s something I’ve loved and enjoyed for as long as I can remember but the roti at Al Falah Barakah just took our relationship to the next level.

Let me start at the beginning.

Year one: Georges and I are travelling back from Europe, we stop over in Singapore, we board our connecting flight, we are told there is something wrong with the plane and must disembark, we are offered the next available flight or a night in Singapore, we chose Singapore, the following day Georges leads the way to roti, roti restaurant is closed.

Year two: Georges and I are travelling to England, we decide to break up the trip with a full day and night in Singapore, we plan a whole day of eating, we head to the roti restaurant that afternoon, roti has stopped being served for the day.

Year three: We learn from all previous mistakes, we spend two days in Singapore prior to our holiday, we get up early, we go to the roti restaurant, we eat the damn roti!!!!!

"RIP, dip, lips, HIPS. The roti life CYCLE."

At long last, reunited with my love and it was totally worth the wait (although three years is pushing it a bit). We ordered four rotis, one each, and two different dipping curries, one mutton and one fish. The mutton curry was my preferred choice. It was incredibly rich and full of all the flavours of India.

Tearing the roti was like pulling apart a piece of cotton. It was incredibly light and flaky. The roti is designed to be eaten with your hands, which you then use to scoop up and dip into the different flavour curries. There’s something about eating with my hands that’s always fascinated me. It could be the fact that it brings me closer to the food both literally and figuratively but there is something so natural and humble about eating with Mother Natures cutlery.

The roti is made fresh on site. Behind a glass wall the chef rolls out a conveyour belt of roti, rolling, stretching and flipping the thin pieces of dough before cooking them on a giant hot plate. They take only minutes to make and just seconds to devour.

Of course we couldn’t leave without trying the dessert roti so we ordered a honey and condensed milk and a banana and sugar. When God created carbs, sugar and fat he knew exactly what he was doing and when humans put the three of them together my relationship with roti just went to third base.

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