Bangkok Street Pancake Vendor
Expressing my joy at the sight of condensed milk.

Expressing my joy at the sight of condensed milk.

Our pancake friend seemed pretty busy. With not only a couple of other hungry customers on standby it seems this pop-up pancake shop does take away too. A scooter of two rocked up beside his station and he handed them a pre-ordered,  freshly made, ready packed pancake and they whizzed off to enjoy their pancake elsewhere. 

The batter was cooked and ready to go. Rolled up in little balls he took one out and began peeling open the thin, green tinged, paper like batter. He lay it out on a huge frying pan with butter bubbling away underneath. After filling it with chopped banana and a spoonful of whisked egg he folded over the edges to create a delicious parcel. He flipped it once until both sides were a beautiful, golden brown. Once ready he chopped it up into 8 easy to eat squares and finished it off with sugar and one of life's greatest indulgences, condensed milk. 

Why can't Pancake Day be every day?

Why can't Pancake Day be every day?

There's usually a rule when it comes to travelling around Asia - don't eat the street food. Usually a rule I would take very seriously but on this occasion I decided to throw it out the window and as you can see I'm still here to tell the tale. And man, am I glad I did. Having just flown 9 hour to Bangkok with a few measly pickings of aeroplane food to line my stomach the sweet smell of caramelised bananas and pancake batter was too much for me to resist. 

Parked up on the side of the road, this one man band was serving up pandan pancakes filled with banana and whisked up eggs, fried in butter and finished off with sugar and condensed milk. 

Bangkok Street Pancake
Serving Up A Bangkok Pancake

He popped our sweet, banana filled pancake in a polystyrene box and very cleverly cut a hole in the corner of the lid to stop it steaming itself in its own heat. So simple yet so genius. With toothpicks as the cutlery of choice we delicately spiked the individual squares and proceeded to devour one of the best pancakes I've ever eaten. 

On this occasion we stumbled across this pancake vendor on Saladaeng Road. But who knows if that's where he'll be next time. 

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