As a fully fledged, unwavering foodie I am ashamed and sorry to say that I have never ventured out to the Asian capital of Cabramatta. Until now. And all it took was for Georges to shoot an eight page fashion story for Elle, my sister-in-law and nephew to be visiting from the Gold Coast and enough time in the afternoon to catch a bus and two trains. But better late than never I guess.

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Winding our way through Cabramatta we found Georges and his crew nestled away inside an Asian minimart making magic. Sat on a pile of jasmine scented white rice the model was dressed head to foot in designer get up whilst pouring a bag of prawn crackers into her mouth. Not usually a sight to be seen in Cabramatta. A stark contrast to the slightly grubby mish mash of the Asian capital.

"Food. A girls best FASHION accessory."

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elle magazine australia georges antoni.jpg
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As the guys packed up and called it a day, mine was just about to begin. And it started with a helping (or two) of pork. Georges pointed down a side alley. “Get yourself a portion of char sui pork and BBQ pork belly.” Don’t mind if I do. It was only 5pm and there was already a queue 9 people deep. Usually a good sign in my books. When it got to our turn we ordered what we had been told. The lady popped our pork into plastic containers before weighing it and telling us the price. We fumbled about in our purses pulling together our change. “That’s fine, that’s fine, that’s enough, enough.” She charged us $10 but would only accept eight then she continued to load our containers up with extra meat. Now if that’s not great service.

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Before joining the rest of the group we couldn’t help but have a sneaky bite. The sticky sauce was sweet and smoky and the pork was rich in flavour and soft to chew. Did we have to go back and share the rest with everyone else? Yes, but not before we had our fair share.

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