They say a picture paints a thousand words. The End.

Not really but I am finding this post extremely bloody hard to write. I just don’t think words and pictures are enough to do this café justice. My tastebuds are the only thing that could give a true account of the food at Kam Wah Café but unfortunately they can’t talk so I will do my best to translate.

"THE best buns in TOWN."

Have you heard of a pineapple bun? Well funnily enough it's a bun with absolutely no flavours or filling of pineapple. It actually gets its name from the sweet, crackly topping reminiscent of the outside of a pineapple. The flavour is in fact coconut. However, I’m not complaining. This bun could’ve been filled with garbage, as long as it tasted like it did I would have happily gobbled it down. 

We arrived to a packed out café. It was clear we hadn’t stumbled across some unknown gem, but with food this good I’m not surprised it didn’t stay secret for long.

We ordered a couple of pineapple buns which come sliced in half and quite literally, a stick of butter plonked between the bun halves. Holy mother of mercy. This really is one of the best things I have ever eaten. With the bun still warm we spread the butter which melted with ease. The top is crunchy with coconut flavoured sugar and when the sweet and salt combine, magic happens. Bread and butter is one of my favourite combos but this was bread and butter to the next level. It tasted like it was kissed by fairies. At least that’s what I imagine fairy kissed food would taste like.

Now the pineapple bun was really all we came for but when we began to read the rest of the menu we were seduced, so we ordered the condensed milk sandwich and French toast. Of course.

The condesed milk sandwich was pretty much just that. A layer of condensed milk between two slices of crustless white bread. Nothing super special but then again when would you ever make yourself a condensed milk sandwich. At least I can now tick it off the bucket list. 

Lets move onto the French toast a la Hong Kong style. Take this picture below, now whilst looking at it just imagine that maple syrup being generously drizzled in slow motion, while sexy music plays over the top. It was like witnessing a Marks & Spenser food ad in real life.  The French toast was golden and crispy and of course filled with more condensed milk. Add some maple syrup and another slab of butter and you have yourself a heart attack on a plate. If this were to be my last day on earth I would have died a very happy lady.

At the front of the cafe they have a little counter selling their goodies to passers by. You’d think that a pineapple bun, half a condensed milk sandwich and half a French toast would be enough to leave me fully satisfied.......

Lets just say I was a little too satisfied and may have possibly, potentially, perhaps purchased another two pineapple buns, a custard bun and a plain sugar bun. Just in case we got pekish on the way home. 


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