High Tea, once a selection of breads, meats and cheese to be enjoyed back in the 1700s by the working man. Skip forward a few hundred years and it's now an excuse to dress fancy and eat tiny food off inappropriately (but highly necessary) tall stands and drown ourselves in tea. I bloody love high tea and I love how it's taken on a life of it's own. From the glamorous champagne high tea at The Ritz to a couple of homemade scones and jam in a country cafe. 

High Tea at the QT however is a whole other story. Think Heston Blumenthal meets beach chic. 

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So this was a pretty special high tea. Not just for it's interesting and  mind boggling delicacies but because it was in celebration of my ever expanding bump. A baby shower if you will with my three gorgeous sisters-in-law. 

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After ordering pretty pots of tea we took no time at all getting stuck into our towers of treats. Starting from the top and working our way down there were definitely some stand outs. 

sundried tomato macaron QT gold coast .JPG

Now when you think macaron you think sweet? Right?.....Wrong. This  sun-dried tomato macaron with a cream cheese filling, basil leaf and dehydrated black olive crumb was honestly to die for and a very happy surprise. The macaron itself was the perfect balance of soft vs crunchy. 

savoury eclair with sun dried tomato cream, truffle cream and mushrooms.JPG

The spring rolls were also a delicious and the soy sauce syringe added a quirky element to an otherwise quite simple but tasty food. The puff pastry eclair was another winner with a sun-dried tomato mousse filling, beetroot and truffle cream. 

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Moving onto the sweeter side of life I can't not mention the shortbread. Not only did they look adorable and had a body many woman would envy, the shortbread was soft and crumbly and tasted like pure sugar and butter. And who doesn't want a mouthful of that?

bikini shortbread Qtea high tea gold coast.JPG
scone filled with jam and cream with cone hat and chocolate twirl QTea high tea gold coast.JPG

"Nothing goes better with TEA, than more tea."

gina licking her scone cone Qtea high tea gold coast.JPG

Now you cannot have high tea with a scone and luckily QT did not disappoint. In fact, they came out guns blazing with not only a yummy tasting scone but it came complete with whipped cream, a chocolate twirl and ice cream cone hat. Not your typical high tea scone but just as marvellous. 

mango mousse thong QTea high tea gold coast.JPG

In keeping with the beach theme I really enjoyed the mango mousse thong (that's flip flop for my British readers) with a biscuit base and marshmallow flower. The mousse was incredibly light and bursting with mango flavour. 

Returning to the concept  of savoury tasting sweet and sweet tasting savoury the Victoria Sponge sandwich (and by sandwich I mean cake) was super light and fluffy and had a delicious apricot jam filling.  

sponge cake sandwiches with peach jam and cream QTea gold coast.JPG

It was down to our final mouthful. Sad but satisfied we all popped a beach ball into our mouth. An edible beach ball of course. An adult edible beach ball.  A thin white chocolate shell with a cheeky pina colada cream filling all resting in a bucket of 'sand'. A delicate burst of flavour to finish off a fun and fancy high tea. 

pina colada beach balls with shortbread sand QTea high tea gold coast.JPG

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