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[Our First Year]


When you make the commitment to marry someone sometimes you need to make sacrifices, do things that you don’t necessarily enjoy and put the happiness of your partner first. Like having your photo taken to be published multiple times in a magazine with over 55,000 readers. He must really love me.

I am a model and my husband is a photographer. Bet you’ve never heard that one before. Well as cliche as it may be I can guarantee you it is not for the exposure, the papers, or to climb the unsteady ladder of fame. This marriage is based on pure, unconditional, silly, soppy love and we had the marvellous opportunity to share this with Cosmo Bride in a an article all about newly married couples.

“ONE year down, forever to go”

Make Up Table for Cosmo Bride

I of course was thrilled at this opportunity. Getting to share the pages of a magazine with my love, having the opportunity to perhaps inspire those waiting or wanting to say “I do”. And it would be something to show the grandkids one day. Georges on the other hand was feeling quite the opposite. Not one to flaunt it under the flashing light there is a reason he chose a career which kept him behind the camera. However, love won in the end and we were destined to be forever captured between the pages of Cosmo Bride.

Behind the Scenes for Cosmo Bride

Georges had been asked to pack a couple of casual outfits to wear for the shoot (for someone who wasn’t keen on having his photo taken he was happy enough to pack one large suitcase and two suit bags full of clothes). I however would have the pleasure of being styled by the gorgeous Charlotta Backlund.

Being Styled by Charlotta Backlund

We got the ball rolling and began with the interview. Sitting down with writer Mel Evans it was time to get personal. She asked us questions such as “why did you decide to get married”, “what have you learnt about yourself and your partner since being married”, “is life the same since marriage” and “what do you like most about each other”. Pretty straight forward questions to answer. “I love him because he’s awesome and he makes me laugh” (even though that’s true) didn’t seem like enough. I wanted to be honest, dig deep and wear my heart on my sleeve. At the same time it was wonderfully comforting to hear Georges answers. He still gives me butterflies and warm fuzzies.

Paul Seusse shooting for Cosmo Bride

OK, soppy stuff over, now on to the fun bit. After a little bit of hair fluffing and getting that no make up, make up look (Georges included) at the hands of the great Bradwyn Jones, I put on my first outfit.

Make Up by Bradwyn Jones

Hair Styled for Cosmo Bride

“I shall call him SQUISHY and he SHALL be mine and he shall be my SQUISHY.”

Last Hair Fluffing for Cosmo Bride

A cream coloured, Chanel inspired, wool combo consisting of a mini skirt and a V-neck, bell sleeved top from IRO. Georges, like the wonderful husband he is, worked his outfit around mine. He went for fashionably ripped pale blue jeans and a simple light brown, knit t-shirt. The theme by the way was wool, which as cool as it sounds is far from when you find yourself  cooking under the studio lights in a room that feels like your grandmothers greenhouse.

Georges Antoni and Phoebe on Set for Cosmo Bride

I was in my element (obviously) but Georges couldn’t have hidden himself more if he tried. Any opportunity to cover his face, whether that be kissing my cheek, popping up behind my shoulder or creatively placing my hair over his face. However, his efforts failed him and his beautiful face was captured smiles and all. Shooting with Georges was easy, it was care free and natural and like with everything we do we just had fun with it.

Georges Antoni and Phoebe on Set for Cosmo Bride

My second outfit was a long, slinky, navy skirt teamed with a matching high neck, long sleeved leotard from Interval. Again Georges complimented mine with a pale blue, chunky knit jumper and dark blue jeans. Round number two saw more jumping, laughing and love induced posing until photographer Paul Suesse nodded his head to indicate we had got the shot. We whipped off our woolies in the flashes of flashes.

Behind the Scenes for Cosmo Bride

It’s amazing to be a part of something that celebrates love and commitment and to do it with the man I love was the icing on the (wedding) cake. Thank you Cosmo Bride for asking us to be involved in this beautiful keep sake.


Cosmo Bride Our First Year with Georges Antoni and Phoebe Ghorayeb


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