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[Arab Qr. Breakfast]


Was it just me or did everyone else miss the memo on eating donuts for breakfast? It seems in Singapore’s Arab Quarter this is a common occurrence and not frowned upon at all. Tucked away down one of the many colourful, bustling streets was a very unassuming looking cafe. 

We made ourselves comfortable, or as comfortable as possible, on one of the street side tables. I say this because it was hitting close to 40° and with a rather sad looking fan whirling above our heads there wasn’t much to relieve us from he sweltering heat. At least breakfast was a welcome and necessary distraction. 

Phoebe Ghorayeb Arab Quarter Singapore

Getting in our first sugar hit of the day we ordered a couple of donuts and banana pancakes with a sweet ginger chai tea to wash it all down. The tea for me was the perfect amount of milkiness. And loaded with what tasted like four tablespoons of sugar I was certainly buzzing and ready to take on the sweaty Singaporean streets.  

Phoebe Ghorayeb Arab Quarter Singapore

Perfect little morsels of sweetness the donut was light and fluffy, as any self respecting donut should be. 

“The PANCAKE Vs the Donut.”

singapore donut

However, my favourite of the two were the banana pancake balls. That’s right, pancakes in spherical form. It had a more bread like texture than the donut, like a cross between a pancake and Yorkshire pudding. I think I just died and went to heaven! It had a beautiful, subtle banana flavour and dipped in the milky, ginger tea it soaked up the warm, spice infused liquid and went from heaven to utopia. Who knew pancakes were the ideal tea dunking companion?

Phoebe Ghorayeb Arab Quarter Singapore

Phoebe Ghorayeb Arab Quarter Singapore

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