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Food related surprises are my favourite kind of surprises. Especially when it involves being picked up by your friends in a swanky chauffeur driven car and driven to a secret destination.

The surprise was revealed as we pulled up through Tetsuya’s rather grand electric sliding gate. The car doors were opened for us and we were greeted by the friendly Tetsuya staff. I like this place already.

Enjoying Tetsuya Degustation with Friends

Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of King Street, it’s like stepping onto a movie set. In fact for those movie buffs out there, this is where the funeral scene from Wolverine was filmed. The building is authentic and captures the essence of Tetsuya’s from the get go. Inside the colours are kept very minimal, with clean lines, simple furniture and splashes of colour in the artwork and sculptures.

Fish Carpaccio Tetsuya

For most restaurants a menu is pretty standard right? Well, Tetsuya’s isn’t most restaurants. Their menu is cleverly locked away in the minds of their waiters who have mind blowingly memorised the entire degustation. As our waitress reeled off nine dishes I sat there stunned and majorly impressed. If they take this much care with the service I could only imagine the food would have the same amount of love and detail.

Tetsuya Potato and Leek Soup

My stand out dishes from the night would have to be the potato and leek soup with mascarpone ice cream and rice puffs. Yes, you read correctly, soup and ice cream. As well as their signature dish of ocean trout with a grapefruit and daikon salad and ocean trout roe.

Tetsuya Ocean Trout

“Tete-a-tete times TWO.”

Tetsuya Wagyu Beef

The wagyu beef was a close second favourite and of course my sweet tooth took a shine to the chocolate cake. It was picture perfect and looked like a minature piece of art. Almost too pretty to eat……but not quite.

Tetsuya Chocolate Cake

On first thought the dishes were small but when you clock up nine in total plus petit fours and bread with truffle butter it’s clear that each dish has been carefully measured to achieve a level of satisfaction and not sickness.

The restaurant had a very peaceful air about it and the atmosphere was soothing and relaxing despite it being pretty busy. It was the ideal environment to really focus on and savour the food.

Phoebe at Tetsuya

We were each given a little menu as a souvenir to remind us of the amazing food we had the pleasure of eating. The perfect touch to end a truly magic evening.


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Thank you to our friends Justin and Andrea for this incredible wedding gift and treating us to this amazing meal.