What does BEING BLONDE mean to you? 

I love being blonde for many reasons. Firstly, it reminds me of summer and that sun-kissed glow. It works perfectly with my skin tone. And it gives me confidence. To me, there are lots of great reasons to be blonde but the best reason of all, it was my stepping stone into having my very own column in the Australian hair industries biggest magazine , The Journal. Blonde Voyage will feature in every issue with the current article exploring the idea behind 'being blonde' and the trials and tribulations that go with it. 


To sit alongside my first article was this rather cool denim story. My husband and photographer, Georges Antoni had been shooting at Sun Studios all day when I rocked up at 6pm with a suitcase full of all things denim. With no make up to speak of, a bit of sea salt to rough up the hair and 20 minutes of studio time. Let me bring Austin Powers to the forefront of your mind. Bang, bang, bang, next. Bang, bang, bang, next. Bang, bang, bang, next. You get the idea. Time was against us but what began as a fun, energy fuelled test shoot, it has now made its way to the pages of The Journal and is the opening story to my journey on the Blonde Voyage.