Backstage with THE JOURNAL

There’s no better way to experience New York Fashion Week than by throwing yourself in at the deep end and I don't think I could’ve got any deeper than by filling the shoes of a model who didn't turn up……. It was a model turned journalist turned model moment backstage at Rebecca Valance, one of the 5 shows I had the privilege of reviewing at NYFW.

Glamorous I hear you say, well what if I told you that only 24 hours before my first show I landed at JFK with no luggage and therefore no clothes, no shoes, no make up, no hair products, no toiletries and no soul…..ok, little dramatic but I was seriously PO. Of course it was a great excuse to go shopping but even the most qualified fashionista would find it tough to pull an outfit together feeling bloated, exhausted and overwhelmed.

However I managed, opting for an understated navy playsuit with black brogues and hair pulled back in a messy pony.

I had the opportunity to interview the biggest hair and make up artists and designers in the industry and discovered what styles we should be donning and why we should be ‘disco pointing’ our way back to the 70s. 

Fitting that my shoot accompanying my article was shot in, where I believe to be the coolest spot in NY, Brooklyn and in an old, warehouse style apartment with rooftops none-the-less. With no hair products, no make up (this is starting to sound all too familiar) and only a few items of clothing I piggy backed onto my friend Kat’s photo shoot and got a few sneaky shots in between her hair and make up changes. Thanks to my insanely talented husband we managed to wrangle some pretty awesome images.

Look out for a post coming soon with more behind the scenes on my NY shoot!