"Dumb BLONDE was SOOOOO 2015"

I love a resolution. Whether it be at the start of a new year, the start of a new month or the start of a new week. I love what they represent. People trying to better themselves, achieve something new, start a fresh. Now that's all well and good but setting a resolution and seeing through a resolution don't always go hand in hand. I confess that I've had my fair share of uncompleted resolutions. The intention was there but then...........life, laziness, excuses, forgetfulness seem to creep in and the resolution becomes a distant memory that gets locked away to then be reignited when dreaming up my next list of resolutions. We've all been there I'm sure but this year, along with my fellow blonde compatriots, I've decided to celebrate the things I have already achieved as opposed to mourn what could have been. 

So lets see, whether big or small, what can I say about 2016?

  • I was bridesmaid for the first time in my adult life for my best friend. It was one of the most exciting moments of the year and I felt completely honoured to be standing beside her for one of the biggest days of her life. 
  • I learnt how to cook five traditional Lebanese dishes from my mother and father in law and have since cooked them many a time for my very happy (and now very full) husband. 
  • I reached my one year anniversary writing Blonde Voyage for The Journal Mag.
  • In fact speaking of anniversaries, I also celebrated one year of blissful marriage to my incredible husband. 
  • The more of the world I get to see the happier and more fulfilled I will be and last year I was lucky enough to visit Hungary, Spain, Nepal, Tasmania, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, and my beloved England.  
  • I mixed things up in the hair department and finally took the plunge by getting myself a fringe!
  • I became Godmother to a Nepalese princess. No joke! An actual princess! The gorgeous little Sanvvi.

Now to look at the year ahead. 

  • I want to start a family. And by family, I mean.......family.
  • I would love to learn to play the cello. I played it in my youth and is something I've wanted to start up for years. 
  • Run (or more likely walk) City to Surf.
  • Invest in a property.
  • Go into business with my hubby. The cogs are already in motion so lets see how it pans out. 
  • Read more books!!!!

I'll see you back here in 2018 to assess whether or not this list was conquered or again forgotten for another year...... 

What have been your biggest, greatest, most successful achievements of 2016?

Photographer: Georges Antoni
Hair: Darren Borthwick
Make Up: Rae Morris
Stylist: Chloe Rose

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