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[Florence Shoot #3]


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“Going to the chapel and we’re gona get married. Going to the chapel of love.” And who knew that three years later I would actually be getting married in Florence with the... more

[Arab Qr. Breakfast]


Was it just me or did everyone else miss the memo on eating donuts and pancakes for breakfast? It seems in Singapore's Arab Quarter this is a common occurrence and not frowned... more

[My Naked Truth]


This is not a short post. In fact it's pretty bloody long. Try condensing a six year story of mental illness into a couple of paragraphs, it's quite impossible. So grab a cuppa... more

[Bun Moc Pho]


Have you ever walked into a restaurant and wondered if you would come out alive? I have and let me tell you, it’s a funny kinda feeling. However, as you can see I was unharmed... more

[Jocks and Cheerleaders]


“I can’t waaaaait for the weekend to begin.” Does anyone remember that song? I feel like it’s the perfect theme tune to my shoot for Jockey’s newest campaign aptly named The Weekender. And with a lovely long weekend just put behind us in the shape of Easter, it seems fitting to post this shoot to remind us of the good times we had rolling around in our pyjamas until midday (at least that’s what I was doing at Easter). Read on to find out who I shared my bed with. I’ll give you a clue, they both found love as millions of people watched on….


[Charlie Dumpling]


It seemed fitting to go to Charlie Dumpling with my friend Charlie. Almost as if it was meant to be. As if the stars had aligned. As if fate brought us to this magnificent eatery.... more

[Eternal Flame]


When your husband tells you he's going to strip you down to the skin God gave you and cover you in flames that's usually a clear cut sign to run for the hills. When your husband... more

[Lebanese Christmas]


In the lead up to Christmas I am met with one reccuring question, “What is a typical feed at a Lebo Christmas?” I have been lucky enough to experience five years of larger than life Lebanese style Christmas’s in Oz since marrying into my extended family. In the 22 years before that my Christmas’s were very much of the British variety featuring a turkey, carol singing, board games, Love Actually and of course a stack of cherished and loving memories.